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School of Mechanical Engineering
• National Engineering Center
• Nanjing Municipal Engineering Center
• Special Robotics Engineering Center 
• MEMS Inertial Technology Research Center
• The University’s Central Laboratory
• Mechatronics Engineering Center
• Mechanical Engineering Center
• The School’s Product Technology Development Center


School of Chemical Engineering
• The National special Ultra Fine Dust Engineering Center
• Functional Nanometer Crystal Key Laboratory of the Ministry of Education
• Jiangsu Pharmaceutical Intermediate Engineering Technology Research Center
• Jiangsu Assistant Addictive Engineering Technology Center
• Nanjing Fine Chemical Engineering Technology Research Center
• Nanjing Water Treatment Engineering Technology Center
• Nanjing Hi-Polymer Nanometer Compound Material Engineering Technology Center


School of Electronic Engineering and Optoelectronic Technology
• The Electrical and Electronic teaching Experiment Center
• The Institute of Wireless Communications and Sensor Networks
• Jiangsu Key Laboratory of Spectral Imaging & Intelligent Sense
• National Key laboratory


School of Computer Science and Technology


School of Economics and Management


School of Power Engineering
• Exterior Ballistic Studies Department(802)


School of Automation


School of Science
• Physics Experiment Center
• Mechanics Experiment Center


School of Foreign Languages
• Institute of Foreign Cultural Studies
• Institute of Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics
• Institute of British Literature Studies
• Institute of American Literature Studies
• Institute of Pedagogy
• Institute of Translation Studies
• Foreign Languages Training Center 
• Language Research and Experiment Center


School of Humanities and Social Science
• Center of Public Administration and Policy Research
• Scientific Policy and Scientific Management Research Center
• Intellectual Property Education and Research Center


School of Material Science and Engineering


School of Environmental and Biological Engineering

• Chemical Pollution Control Engineering Technology Center of the Ministry of Education


School of Design and Communication
• National Center for Research and Promotion of Non-Protein Additive Technology 
• Ministry of Education’s Research and Engineering Center for Chemical Pollution Control 
• Jiangsu Provincial Key Laboratory for Chemical Pollution Control and Recycling