Six Reasons to be Here!

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Nanjing University of Science & Technology is one of the key universities in China.

NUST is dedicated to training superior personnel possessing qualities harmoniously integrating humanistic spirit, scientific cultivation and innovative ability.

NUST attaches great importance to the cultivation of its students’ personality and teaches students in accordance with their capability. The University offers individual guidance to those who have difficulty in their studies and provides the ideal conditions for each able student to complete his studies easily.


NUST is well equipped with all necessary infrastructure and public service system in support of modernized higher education and scientific research.

NUST pays much attention to the improvement of teachers’ overall quality in a bid to build an internationally competitive faculty competent for teaching, research and social services.

NUST has fine facilities for both teaching and recreation. Apart from library and all kinds of laboratories which are open to students all day long, students can make full use of the modern gymnasium, artistic activity center and museum to mould their own minds and bodies.