Soon after the long international journey, still exhausted and anxious about what is going on, cheer up and embrace the colorful extra-curriculum activities at NUST.

Clubs and organizations are essential part of the engaging life at NUST. The thriving clubs and organization on campus is the reflection of diversified thoughts, backgrounds, interests, and strengths of students here. One practical way to know Chinese people and their way of living is get involved in the dynamic societies.

There are dozens of students unions at varied levels; some represent lowerclassmen while other upperclassmen; some develop on the basis of schools while others at the university level. But they, in common, activate every corner of the university by organizing sports games, parties, festivals, volunteering work, and even second-hand market.

For sports maniac, you will find it easy to have your energy drained since there are a variety of sports teams you can choose from in which you would encounter some semi-professional athletes. Dragon dancing team—a team performs Chinese traditional dancing--is a particular choice to satisfy your curiosity about Chinese traditional sports. 

Some organizations feature practical work and commitment to community. These include: the Red Cross, the Youth Volunteers, the Science&technology Union, the Entrepreneurs, to name a few.

Some of the clubs are about media, publishing magazines, newspapers, running the university TV and radio station, and editing news publications.

The other cool ones which cater for individual interests are the Mountaineer, the Streetfunk, the Martial Arts Club, the Digifax, and the Skaters. In addition, our university has troupes comprises students who regularly practice and perform traditional Chinese music, orchestral music, and folk dancing. These troupes keep open to foreign visitors. Anytime, anyone.