Type the text here Getting to Nanjing is convenient no matter where you start off and how you choose to travel. Nanjing is the transportation hub in eastern China and the downstream Yangtze River area.

By air
Nanjing's airport, Lukou International Airport, serves both national and international flights. The airport is connected by a 29-kilometer (18 mi) highway directly to the city center, and is also linked to various intercity highways, making it accessible to the passengers from the surrounding cities. As an alternative, you can fly to Shanghai International, which has more routes to overseas airports, and then get to Nanjing by high-speed railway within 80 minutes. 


By railway
Nanjing has good railways links with other parts throughout the country. No matter you plan to travel to the northeastern, the southern, or just with the Yangtze River Delta Area, you will find it easy to book trains tickets. Noticeably, Nanjing South Railway Station is one of the five hub stations on Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway and it has been officially claimed as the largest railway station in Asian and the second largest in the world in terms of grass floor area.  


By road
Nanjing is well-connected by over 60 state and provincial highways to all parts of China. Express highways such as Hu-Ning, Ning-He, Ning-Hang enable commuters to travel to Shanghai, Hefei, Hangzhou, and other important cities quickly and conveniently. Inside the city of Nanjing, there are 230 kilometers of highways. Traveling by bus or coach is a good complement to by railway.


Beyond Nanjing
Many students may think about making use of vacation to explore nearby cities or scenery areas. Nanjing is an ideal base to get to cities and cultural places in Yangtze River Delta Area, and Yangtze River Valley.