Daily Life

Background information about living and working in Nanjing.



The standard electrical voltage in China is 220V, 50HZ.



The official language of China is Chinese. Other languages spoken among international residents could be English, French, Spanish, and Japanese. English is pretty prevalent among citizens here.


Shop Opening Hours

Shops and supermarkets in Nanjing open as early as at around 7-8am, and close at around 9-10pm, all week round. There are also many 24-hour convenience stores on the streets.


Phone calls

Chinese phone numbers comprise an area code and then the local number. The Nanjing area code is 025. The police can be telephoned on 110, and ambulance service on 120. When you get in Nanjing, mobile phone business agents are easily accessible where you can register a mobile phone number.


Time zone



In China, there is no compulsory law to forbid smoking in public places. But it is still highly suggested not smoke in indoor public places, such as shopping centers, restaurants, hospitals, and airports. One exception, smoking in pubs is quite common in China, which may differ from many foreign countries.


Weights and measures

Weights and measures in China are in observance of metric system, except some situations in which some Chinese traditional measurements are used, such as “Liang” (equals to 10g), “Jin” (equals to 500g), and “Cun”(around 3.3cm).



 Source- China Meteorological Administration
Nanjing has four distinct seasons due to its subtropical climate. One striking character of the climate in Nanjing is extreme heat in muggy summer when the highest temperature may be about 36-37 Celsius degree with great humidity. Spring and autumn are the mild seasons residents in Nanjing favor most, with neither much wet nor heat. But in winter, it also suffers from low temperature.



It is very important to know some practical aspects of money in China before getting here.



The Renminbi(RMB) is the official currency of China. It is the legal tender in mainland China, but not in Hong Kong and Macau. The units for the Renminbi are the Yuan (元), Jiao (角), and Fen (分): 1 Yuan = 10 Jiao = 100 Fen. Fen has almost disappeared, so the coins in circulation are in denomination of 1 yuan, 1 jiao, and 5 jiao. The distinction between the Renminbi and the Yuan is similar to the distinction between the British Sterling and Pound.


Changing currency

Banks offers currency exchange service, and you can also exchange currency in airport.


Bank opening hours

Banks are usually open from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. Some braches might not be open on Saturday and Sunday. It is better to check in advance.