"NUST is a place to learn how to read, good books requires the test of time, the same with our textbooks. I love reading which ignited my interest for the research of metal after I entered NUST. Now I still keep the habit of reading the traditional physics and metallic books, doing in-depth research in what I am interested in is really an enjoyment.”
---Dr. Lu Ke, academician at Chinese Academy of Sciences,1981 alumni, a metal material and major of the mechanics department of NUST.



"NUST has a school motto of rigorous management and prudent attitude, which proves a very valuable merit for today’s youngsters in improving our problem-solving skills and learning to be trail-blazers.”
---Sun Yue, 1997 alumni, an automatic control major of School of Automation of NUST, China’s “Long March” Series Carrier Rocket Control System designer.



"Having worked for some time, I chose to go back to NUST for more focused study, which proved more efficient in achieving breakthroughs in my work. The learning experience at NUST made me more persistent in my research. ”
---Huang Xueying, 1987 alumni, an automatic weapon major, senior weapon engineer, crowned “China’s Legendary Gunwoman”.