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Here is some knowledge about Nanjing you may not know.

-Nanjing remains China’s biggest city wall, 33 kilometers long with 13 city gates and 2 water gates. Its construction was initiated in 1366 AD and accomplished in 1386.

-Nanjing is the host city of 2014 Youth Olympic Games.

-The fraction \pi=\tfrac{355}{113}  was named after a Nanjing native ancient scientist-Zu Chongzhi(429-500).

-Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge, completed in 1968, is the first heavy bridge designed and built by China’s own technical strength, and therefore considered as the spirit and ability of people in MaoZedong’s era.

-Nanjing enjoys the highest density of universities in China.

-Plum Blossom Hill in Nanjing has the largest plum connection in China.

-"The Literary Mind and the Carvings of Dragons”—China’s first systematic work of literary criticism and the first work of aesthetics was written in Nanjing by Liu Xie.

-The Jiangnan Examination Hall, the largest examination hall for imperial examination in ancient China, is located in the southern part of Nanjing.

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