“Grand Lectures” Visited by the Chief Editor of Xinhua News Agency

May 13th, “Grand Lectures” was visited by the Chief Editor of Xinhua News Agency—Mr. Peng Yaping who was invited by the School of Design Art and Communication. Around 80 students of the school attend this lecture.


“Xinhua News Agency is well-known in all over China, but how much you know about it?” Mr. Peng says at the beginning of his lecture, and afterwards he led a discussion about how Xinhua News Agency plays an indispensible role in modern social life.


After leading to the topic, Mr. Peng introduced his ideas about the new media. Attendees actively got involved with the debate about some hot issues happened in China recently.


“New media development brings great changes in news communication, and at the same time a lot of new problems appear in news reporting,” says Mr. Peng, who introduced some cases to demonstrate the problems reporters may meet.


“Mr. Peng combines his own experience with the latest trends in news reporting. This is very useful for news reporting majors to apply news reporting theories with specific cases,” says the Dean of the Department of Communication.


One student of the department revealed her favor onto “Grand Lectures” and says “Through the lecture, we realized that there are quite a lot we need to improve.”