Academician HUANG Lin Lectured on Intelligent Control

April 20th, Professor HUANG Lin of Peking University, an academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, made a significant report titled “Several Issues on Intelligent Control” in School of Automation. More than one hundred teachers and graduate students attended this lecture.


At the beginning of the lecture, Prof. Huang introduced in detail the history, features and significances of artificial intelligence. Then he said that “the development of artificial intelligence has been one of the most important national strategies.” As he further illustrated, the core of intelligence is learning and it is artificial intelligence that combines human autonomy with inheritable learning.


Prof. Huang focused his talk on several questions of intelligent control, such as the relation between intelligence and tradition, as well as the function of algorithm and simulation. He affirmed the high efficiency of intelligent algorithm and also shared with the attendees his own suggestion to establish a simulation platform which would be suitable for intelligent control research.


After listening to Prof. Huang’s talk, students not only gained a deep understanding of artificial intelligence, but also broadened the horizons on their own major and ignited the enthusiasm for further learning. There was no doubt that each of them benefited a lot from the lecture.