A Seminar Held on the Studies of Human Resource Management

June 2nd, School of Economics & Management held a professional seminar to review and prospect the development of the studies of Human Resource Management and the Human Resource Managemen Department. A number of professors, alumni as well as undergraduate and graduate students attended it.


“The history of our human resource management department could be traced back to the year of 1994. As one of the earliest human resources majors in China, we have been committed to cultivating talents in the field of human resources both at home and abroad for 24 years.”


The seminar began with a speech given by Mr. Wang Dayong, one of the senior leaders in human resource management department. During his talk, the growth of human resources in the past years was reviewed and its future development prospected. Mr. Wang placed hopes on new generations, who he believed would bring forward the deaprtment to a higher level.


Afterwards, six alumni representatives gave their talks respectively. They shared with the present their own college life and experiences, introduced their own occupational plans, and encouraged students to do better in the field of human resource management studies.


Professor Zhu Bixiang, the subject leader of human resource management, also delivered his lecture titled The Practice and Research of Human Resource Management Raised by Environmental Changes. Prof. Zhu divided his lecture into several aspects including economy, society, politics and population. As he pointed out, the study of human resource management is in face of a new era and numerous new problems need to be studied and solved.


At the end of the seminar, director of EMBA Center, Mr. Ma Shibin held an opened-up conversation on the professional development of human resource management studies. The teachers and alumni present made positive comments on how to advance the major construction.