Sydney Symphony Orchestra Debuted at NJUST

October 18, 2018

On the afternoon of October 18, the Sydney Symphony Orchestra of Australia gave a performance at the Conference Center of NJUST.

Roger Benedict was the conductor. He was appointed as the violin chief of the London Philharmonic Orchestra in 1991 and had rich experience in performance.

At the beginning of the performance, NJUST Student Symphony Orchestra expressed warm welcome by playing repertoire of Nostalgia and The Prelude to Heaven and Hell.

Sydney Symphony Orchestra had made a careful selection of repertoire for Chinese audience, not only classic pieces such as Mozart and Francey, but also Australian Folk Songs, which was full of Australian flavor and The Moon over a Fountain that was classic Chinese style. This gave the audience a taste of multiple styles at one time.

The most interesting part of the performance was the co-play of the Orchestra with NJUST Student Symphony Orchestra. Li Yunzhi and Yan Weifan collaborated with two violinists of the Orchestra on a quartet. They presented a fabulous art piece in a short preparation time. The two students were impressed by the exquisite skills and cordial instructions they received from the violinists.

Student Symphony Orchestra prepared the mascots of the NJUST Orchid Cultural Festival, Lan Lan and Shanshan, which symbolizes peace and love, to the Sydney Symphony Orchestra.