Artificial Intelligent School and Artificial Intelligent Institute established in NJUST

July 2nd, 2018


Recently, Artificial Intelligent School (AI School)and Artificial Intelligent Institute(AI Institute) were officially established in NJUST.


AI Institute is expected to work at the international academic frontiers and satisfy the needs of major national strategies. As a frontier cross-disciplinary research field  and reform pilot platform, AI Institute will collaborate with industry leaders in fields such as intelligent robots, intelligent transportation, big data-driven machine learning, and brain-computer collaboration. It is stated that AI Institute will develop a group of outstanding scholars to actively undertake national major scientific research projects. Original innovation and integrated innovation are also crucial to AI Institute so that NJUST’s academic influence in AI and the competence to serve national strategies will be strengthened. 


NJUST has a solid foundation and unique advantages in the field of artificial intelligence technology innovation. Majors include computer science and technology, software engineering have passed the international engineering education professional certification.


In order to foster students with international outlook and global competence, NJUST has carried out Sino-foreign cooperative education projects in the field of artificial intelligence with internationally renowned universities such as Carnegie Mellon University, St. Joseph University, and Australian National University. 


Our students have won the 2016 Global Di-Tech Algorithm Competition, the 2017 Udacity-DiDi Driverless Global Competition and the 4th China Graduate Smart City Technology and Creative Design Competition in 2017.