The First Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Education, Belarus Met with President, Prof. Mengyin Fu


        On the morning of December 21(Belarus time), Dr. Baugus Vajim, the First Deputy Minister of Ministry of Education, Belarus and the Chairman of Education Sub-Committee of China-Belarus Intergovernmental Cooperation Committee, met with Prof. Mengyin Fu, President of NJUST. Prof. Khakhomov S., President of the GSU, and Prof. Zhanwen Xi, Vice- President of NJUST, attended the meeting.

        Dr. Baugus extended his warmest welcome to NJUST’s delegation and expressed his sincerest congratulation on the successful opening ceremony of the Confucius Institute, co-constructed by NJUST and GSU. He said that great contributions has been made to the mutual trust, mutual benefit and mutual understanding of the two countries' economies and culture due to the long-term history of exchanges and cooperation, the fruitful results and the effective mechanism between NJUST and Belarusian Education and Research Institutions. Meanwhile, he pointed out that to jointly build a comprehensive strategic partnership of mutual trust and mutual benefit is the ultimate aim set up by the top leaders from both countries for the development of bilateral relations. Education and Culture are important areas for cooperation and exchanges between Belarus and China and expected that NJUST would continue to make full use its advantages and keep close cooperation with keep close cooperation with Belarusian Education and Research Institutions, so as to promote communication and cooperation and make new progress and new achievements in the future.

        Prof. Mengyin Fu expressed his heartfelt thanks to the Ministry of Education of Belarus for their long-term and strong support to NJUST’s exchange and cooperation with the Belarusian Education and Research Institutions and then briefly introduced Dr. Baugus Vajim NJUST’s related information, reviewed the cooperative achievements we have received with GSU, as well as the original intention, preparation, opening ceremony and development goals of the co-building Confucius Institute at GSU. Fu pointed out that through 20 years’ the comprehensive cooperation, the two sides have achieved fruitful results in scientific research and cultural exchange, which laid a solid foundation for expanding cooperation areas and improving cooperation quality in future. He said that NJUST would take the initiative to participate in the cooperation of the China-Belarus Intergovernmental Cooperation Committee, the China-Belarus Industrial Park and the China-Belarus Industrial Investment Fund, and give full play to the advantages of school disciplines, personnel training, scientific research and geographical location to promote educational and cultural cooperation between China and Belarus with a high starting point and high efficiency.