Fu Mengyin Attended the Opening Ceremony of the Confucius Institute at the Gomel State University, Belarus



        On December 20thBelarus time, the opening ceremony of the Confucius Institute at Francisk Skorina Gomel State University (GSU), co-built by NJUST and GSU, was grandly held at GSU. A delegation from NJUST led by President, Prof. Fu Mengyin attended the opening ceremony. Leaders from the Education Department of the Chinese Embassy in Belarus, Education Authorities of the Gomel State and the Municipal Government of Gomel, as well as teachers and students from local universities, primary and secondary schools of more than 120 people attended the ceremony.

(President Fu Mengyin and President Hachovov attended the opening ceremony)

        The opening ceremony was presided over by Prof. Khakhomov S., President of GSU. He briefly reviewed the history and achievements of cooperation between GSU and Chinese education and research institutions in the fields of personnel training, scientific research, and humanities exchanges. He hoped that the Confucius Institute at GSU would play an important role in promoting cultural exchanges and making positive contributions to strengthening China-Belarus economic mutual benefit, political mutual trust and consolidating the friendship between the two countries.

        President Fu Mengyin was invited to give a speech and he pointed out that on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the establishment of official diplomatic relationship between China and Belarus, NJUST, entrusted by the Confucius Institute Headquarter (Hanban), jointly built the Confucius Institute at GSU, which confirmed to the general tone and trend of the comprehensive strategic partnership of “mutual trust” and “mutual benefit” between the government. After introducing the history and the achievements of NJUST, especially with focus on the cooperation progress and fruitful results between NJUST and education and scientific research institutions of Belarus, he believed that the successful opening and operation the Confucius Institute at GSU is another important achievement of promoting the construction of “One Belt One Road” and deepening the exchanges and cooperation in the field of education and culture between China and Belarus. It will certainly play a positive role and exert far-reaching influence in the new process of the friendly exchanges between the two countries. He hoped that the Confucius Institute at GSU will train more professionals who can inherit and carry forward the traditional friendship between China and Belarus. In order to jointly build the Confucius Institute well, he proposed the three initiatives. The first one is that we should stick to the initial intention and promote practical cooperation. Under the guidance and support of the two countries, we should improve the mechanism of the Confucius Institute, so as to promote the high quality, rapid and sustainable development of the institute. The second one is that we should train personnel with language and culture, so as to cultivate the friendly ambassadors between the two countries by carrying forward the educational concepts advocated by the Confucius, who can adapt to the needs of the two countries and promote the cooperation between the two countries. The third one is that we should strengthen innovation and build distinctive brands. Based on the historical and cultural characteristics and the professional characteristics of the disciplines of both sides, we will jointly explore and form a good mode of running a school with distinctive scientific and technological characteristics.

        At the opening ceremony, student representatives of the local primary and secondary school students at Gomel and the representatives of the Chinese students that studied in Belarus performed wonderful programs. They presented the rich expressions and unique charms of Chinese culture, as well as their experiences in learning Chinese language and culture.

(teachers and students’ representatives from Chinese and Belarusian performed wonderful programs)

        Subsequently, President Fu Mengyin and President Hachovov jointly inaugurated the Confucius Institute at GSU.

(President Fu Mengyin and President Hachovov jointly inangurated the Confucius Institute at GSU.)

        Just before the opening ceremony, Prof. Fu Mengyin met with the Deputy Major of Gomel, Dr. Sergy Andreyev and received a special interview to the news media of Belarus. Belarusian media and Xinhua News Agency had a special report on this issue.