Students from Gomel Confucius Institute won first prize in Chinese Cultural Exhibition


        Recently, good news came from Gomel Confucius Institute(GCI), which was jointly constructed by NJUST and Gomel State University, Belarus. The students from GCI won the first prize at a Chinese Cultural Exhibition: Chinese Culture and Belarus, by tea art.


        The event was initiated and organized by the Confucius Institute at Belarusian State University, which was estalished with the help of Dalian University of Technology. It called for video entries to all universities in Belarus,in order to promote cultural exchange. This event caused wide attention in the Belarusian educational community. More than 60 entries were received in only one month. The tea art video from the GCI won the first prize in the competition, among the best three works.


        The tea art video was also televised in the celebration of Chinese lunar New Year and state TV show Good evening, Gomel! The debut in TV show had drawn lavish praise .


        GCI was established in December 2017. This achievement not only greatly encouraged the morale of the teachers and students of GCI, but also caused a positive response in the local state of Gomel and set off an upsurge of learning Chinese.