University of Akron visited our University

May 21th, 2018

On May 18th, a delegation led by Don Visco, Dean of Engineering CollegeUniversity of Akron, USA, visited our University. Liu Zhong, Director of Office of International Affairs, Liu Dabin, Dean of the School of Chemical Engineering, had a meeting with Don Visco and his delegation. Wang Han, Deputy Director of Office of International Affairs and Feng Qizhang, a teacher of the School of Chemical Engineering, attended the meeting.


At the meeting, Liu Zhong first extended a warm welcome to the visit of Don Visco and his delegation on behalf of the University. Later, Wang Han made a brief introduction on NJUST and its cooperation with overseas institutes.


Don Visco expressed his gratitude to the warm hospitality of our University and introduced the overview of the University of Akron from the aspects of environment, culture and teaching forms.


At the meeting, the two sides exchanged in-depth views on exchanges and cooperation between the two universities and the student training model. They agreed that the two universities should enhance communication and deepen cooperation. 


The two sides signed an exchange and cooperation agreement. They agreed that this meeting was fruitful and substantive, which laid a solid foundation for further cooperation.


In the afternoon, Julie Zhao, Associate Dean of Engineering College, University of Akron, gave a lecture to the sophomores of Chemical Engineering, in which he introduced the basics of the University of Akron and answered questions from teachers and students. 


Later on , Zhang Shule, a teacher of Chemical Engineering, gave a brief introduction on the National Virtual Simulation Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center.


Finally, some teachers showed Don Visco around the chemical laboratory and engineering training center, introduced the advanced teaching experiment base of our University and displayed related products.