Vice president of Karlsruhe Institute of Technology Visited NJUST

August, 8th, 2018

On August 7th, Thomas Hirth, Vice President of Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, and Zhong Shan, Chairman of ZODE visited NJUST. Attended meeting with them were Xi Zhanwen, Deputy Secretary of the School Party Committee, Wang Xiaoxu, Director of the High-tech Department, and Wang Han, Deputy Director of the Office of International Affairs.


First of all, on behalf of NJUST, Xi Zhanwen expressed warm welcome to Thomas Hirth and his delegation. Xi introduced the development and achievements made by NJUST in scientific research and technology transfer in recent years.


Hirth and Zhongshan introduced their members of the delegation . The two sides reviewed the history of cooperation. Over the past few years, the two universities have collaborated closely in scientific researches and had achieved fruitful results. The teachers have formed a profound friendship.


Hirth expressed his desire to further cooperate with NJUST in the fields of green energy, environmental science, environmental technology and basic research, and jointly establish the Sino-German Institute of Green Energy and Environmental Technology in Jiangsu Province.


Then, Li Jiansheng introduced the School of Environmental and Biological Engineering from the aspects of discipline structure, profile of teacher and student and academic research fields.


Prof. Norra from KIT Applied Geosciences overviewed the KIT and KIT Climate Research Centers, and introduced the Sino-German Environmental Research and Technology Cooperation Center from the aspects of framework structure, cooperation goals and tasks.


NJUST has collaborated closely with KIT in micro-nano materials and technology. In 2014, KIT and Herbert Glitter Institute of Nanoscience(HGI) jointly established an international joint research center for micro-nano materials and technologies.


The visit of Hirth aimed at establishing the Sino-German Institute of Green Energy and Environmental Technology in Jiangsu Province with the hope to find partners and get support from our school's technology and labs. At the meeting, the two sides elaborated on their respective advantages, which laid a solid foundation for the future cooperation.