The 2018 Sino-German Joint Course Program Starts

September 10, 2018



On the morning of September 10, the opening ceremony of the 2018 Sino-German Joint Course Program was held. Students and faculty members engaged from both NJUST and the University of Stuttgart presented at the ceremony.

The program is established between the School of Electronic and Optical Engineering (SEOE) of NJUST and the Institute of Telecommunications of the University of Stuttgart. The goal is to allow students to experience different teaching method as well as different culture. It has been run for six successive years. In 2018, 12 students from the University of Stuttgart and 28 NJUST students participate in this program.

Professor Wang Jianxin, the program initiator at NJUST side, made warm welcome remarks on the ceremony to the participants from the University of Stuttgart and briefed them about the program. Professor Sheng Weixing, the Vice Director of the SEOE, introduced the history and the current education and research status of NJUST. Professor Joachim Speidel, the program initiator at the University of Stuttgart, delivered a speech to express their appreciation for the efforts SEOE has made to organize this program.

The program lasts two weeks. Academic courses of Digital Communications and Detection and Patter Recognition are delivered by professors from both sides. Other cultural courses are also arranged, such as Chinese language, calligraphy, paper cutting, taiji.