NJUST Delegation Visited Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

September 29, 2018

At the invitation of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), a delegation led by Xi Zhanwen, Vice President for international affairs, paid a visit to KIT from September 24 to 27.

Prof. Thomas Hirth, Vice President of KIT, met with Xi Zhanwen and exchanged views on cooperation in green energy, environmental research and technological cooperation. Consensus has been reached on the cooperation and the initial action plan. The two sides expected to hold a joint seminar in Nanjing in the coming November to identify specific cooperation program. After the talk, Prof. Thomas Hirth and Prof. Xi Zhanwen renewed the MoU between the two universities.

The Delegation paid a visit to the Institute of Nanotechnology at KIT. On behalf NJUST, VP Xi expressed the heartfelt wishes to Prof. Herbert Gleiter, the Principal Investigator of Herbert Gleiter Institute of Nanoscience at NJUST, at his 80th birthday and congratulations on the 20th anniversary of the Institute of Nanotechnology at KIT.

During the visit, the delegation visited the Institute of Meteorology and Climate Research, Institute of Applied Geophysics, Institute of Functional Interface Research and Biomass Liquid Fuel Pilot Base. Prof. Li Jiansheng gave a report invited by Prof. Andrea Schafer, the head of the Institute of Functional Interface Research.