Ufa State Aviation Technical University Joins Hand with NJUST on Talent Training

October 15, 2018

On the morning of October 12, Ufa State Aviation Technical University and NJUST agreed to join hands on talent training in the area of aircraft engine.

The agreement is made between Prof. Igor Alexandrov, Vice President of Ufa State Aviation Technical University, and Liao Wenhe, Vice President of NJUST. Xu Feng, Vice Director of Materials, Wang Jingtao, Vice Director of Herbert Gleiter Institute of Nanoscience, Chen Xiong, Vice Director of School of Mechanical Engineering, Zhang Kun, Vice Director of the Graduate School, and Wang Han, Vice Director of Office of International Affairs attended the meeting. Mr. Zhang Benshan, Chief Designer of AECC Commercial Aircraft Co., Ltd. was presented as well.

Ufa State Aviation Technical University is an internationally renowned aerospace university with strong research capabilities. It is a world leader in materials research and aerospace industry technology, and has a long-term cooperative relationship with NJUST. The talks focused on the joint training of postgraduates in the fields of aircraft engine design, manufacturing and materials. Participants exchanged views on the characteristics of their respective disciplines and current technical difficulties of the industry. For the joint talent training program, they discussed the details of cooperation model, curriculum articulation, training mechanism, fee reduction and scholarship application.

In the end, Vice President Liao Wenhe concluded that NJUST is highly interested in joining hands with Ufa and partners from the industry to establish such a program and keen to see the first batch of students attend the program in next September. “On the basis of student training, this program will push forward in-depth exchanges between the two universities in the field of aircraft engine, which will benefit the education and research in this area at NJUST,” Liao said.