Council Meeting of GSU-NJUST Confucius Institute Held



On December 6, the 2nd meeting of the 1st council of the Confucius Institute at Gomel State University was successfully held at NJUST. Participants included President Hawmov, Dean Rogachev, representatives from GSU, President Fu Mengyin, Vice president Xi Zhanwen, Director Zhang Heng, Dean Wang Lei, representatives from NJUST.


Wang Lei and Rogachev summarized the work of 2018 and the working plan for 2019 respectively. The Confucius Institute has developed steadily in the past year. Currently, it has 2 deans, 4 full-time Chinese teachers, 1 administrative secretary and 1 financial officer. Up to now, the Confucius Institute has admitted 173 students.


The Confucius Institute organized a number of traditional Chinese cultural activities to arouse local people's interest in Chinese culture. In addition, the Confucius Institute hosted the “Sino-Belarus Materials Science and Technology Forum” to promote the industry-university-institute cooperation so as to create “Scientific Confucius Institute”.


The council members appreciated the achievements gained by the Confucius Institute over the past year, and brainstormed the blueprint for the future development of the Institute.During the meeting, a joint doctoral training agreement was signed.


Fu Mengyin expected that, apart from Chinese language teaching, the Confucius Institute highlight the scientific achievements transformation and joint high-end talents cultivation.


The two universities will spare no efforts to deepen the cooperation and build a leading Confucius Institute to serve “the Belt and Road”.