NJUST was granted a new “111” base

Recently, name list of 2018 innovation expertise introduction of universities (also known as “111” plan. It aims to bring foreign talent to China to upgrade the country's research and innovation capabilities. Projects are funded for five years at a time and receive grants of at least $260,000 a year, according to the administration) has been announced by the Ministry of Education and the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs. The project of “additive manufacturing technology and equipment of difficult-to-forming materials”, led by vice president, Prof. Liao Wenhe, is among the list. This is the 5th “111” base in our university.

This base is composed of more than 10 domestic experts in the field of addictive material, like prof. Liao Wenhe and Prof. Wang Kehong, and also some famous overseas experts, like Prof. Jean-Pierre Kruth from KU Leuven (winner of 2015 Franklin Institute Awards), Prof. David L. Bourell from University of Texas, Austin (winner of Albert Sargent Awards, chairman of the International TMS-AIME Additive Manufacturing Committee), and other famous scholars all around the world.

This base will work closely with the major demand of the national additive manufacturing industry. Keeping the additive manufacturing technology of difficult-to-form materials as the main line, it carries out researches in the four areas: the additive manufacturing of the difficult-to-form metal material, the additive manufacturing of multi-material, the additive manufacturing of ceramic material, and the key systems and equipment of additive manufacturing.