Prof. Daniel Kadar appointed Chair Professor of NJUST

Updated: March 19th, 2018 

Daniel Kadar, professor of Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MTA) was appointed as the Chair Professor of Zijin scholars of NJUST on the morning of March 16th. Vice President, Prof. Chen Qian gave an appointment letter to him and delivered a speech. Professor Zhao Xueqin, Dean of the School of Foreign Studies, presided over the appointment ceremony. Attending the ceremony were Professor Wu Zhijie, Deputy Dean of the School of Foreign Studies, Yang Daotao, Deputy Dean of the office of Human Resources, and Prof. Chen Xinren, from Nanjing University.

Prof. Daniel Kadar, director of MTA Research Institute for Linguistics, and co-editor of East Asian Pragmatics. He specialized in international pragmatics, and has published more than 60 papers in academic journals at home and abroad, including more than 20 papers published in SSCI academic journals such as Pragmatics and Journal of Pragmatics.

Prof. Chen Qian proposed that Professor Daniel Kadar could play a leading role in talent training, team building and international exchanges and cooperation, promoting the development of research on applied linguistics in our university.

Prof. Daniel Kadar, who was delighted to be a member of NJUST, expressed gratitude for the care and support given by NJUST. He addressed that during his work, he would lead his NJUST research team and optimize the methodology, trying his best to contribute to the development of the discipline.

Later on, Prof. Kadar delivered a lecture on pragmatics to teachers and students of the School of Foreign Studies.