Belarusian Consul General in Shanghai Visited NJUST

September 18, 2018

On September 18, Mr. Matsel Valeriy, the Consul General of the Republic of Belarus in Shanghai, and Consul Kozlovsky Dmitry visited NJUST. Vice President Liao Wenhe met with them.

Within the cooperation framework between Jiangsu Provincial Government and Belarus, this visit aimed to promote NJUST’s cooperation with Francisk Skorina Gomel State University (GSU) and Belarusian State University (BSU) in the field of education and science.

VP Liao expressed his warm welcome to Mr. Matsel Valerity and Mr. Kozlovsky Dmitry. He reviewed NJUST’s cooperation with the two Belarusian universities and introduced the latest development of the Confucius Institute at GSU, which was jointly established by NJUST and GSU in 2017. Liao stressed that NJUST was committed to strengthening and deepening cooperation with Belarusian universities.

Mr. Matsel Valerity stressed that the cooperation NJUST had established with the top two Belarusian universities was a critical part of the strategic partnership between Jiangsu and Belarus. He added that Belarusian research institutes have accomplished tremendous research achievements in many areas. Cooperation in technology transfer could be a highly potential cooperation area in the future. He also expected that the Confucius Institute at GSU could provide tailored language training for Belarusian scientific professionals.

VP Liao agreed and suggested that a joint platform be set up for technology transfer. More communications with Belarusian universities shall be held for better mutual understanding and cooperation. Details in cooperation forms, student exchange, government policies, and funding were further discussed during the meeting.