Serial Magazine of Nature includes more research results of XIA Hui Group


Scientific Reports, Serial Magazine with Nature, has published the research result about high-performance supercapacitors of XIA Hui Group from Gleiter Institute of Nanoscience with the name, Hierarchically Structured Co3O4@Pt@MnO2 Nanowire Arrays for High-Performance Supercapacitors, 2013. Soon after this, another Serial Magazine, NPG Asia Material, includes XIA’s research paper about three-dimensinal cathode for microbatteries with the name, Facile synthesis of chain-like LiCoO2 nanowire arrays as three-dimensinal cathode for microbatteries. NPG Asia Material (Impact Factor 9.902) is material science publication of Nature publishing group. This is the first time that NUST marked its name on the top Asia-pacific material science publication.
For more information, Read NPG Asia Materials (2014) 6, e126 or go to:
Figure 1. LiCoO2 Nanowire arrays

In recent two years, Gleiter Institute of Nano-science has grown to be a solid platform for young scholars and researchers. After its participation of GIN in the end of 2012, Xia hui Group developed significantly. Besides the paper published in Nature, their research work has been published in well-known journals, like Chemical Communication 2014, 50, 2876-2878 (Impact factor 6.718), Nano Research 2014, (Impact factor 6.97). More than 20 SCI papers have been published during last two years. What’s more, Xia’s world popularity also grew greatly. He was invited to present a Invited Talk at IUMRS-ICYARAM 2012, Singapore, and did an Invited Keynote Talk at ISFM 2014, Singapore. He was appointed as councilor of the 1st National New Material Technology Development and Research Committee.
Figure two.  Presenting Invited Keynote Talk at ISFM2014


Due to his increasing influence, Xia was also invited to the editorial board of Scientific Report, becoming the first NUSTer who joins Nature editorial board.


Date: 10/16/2014

By: Jeremy