An Undergraduate Published a Paper in the Chemical Engineering Journal as Independent Author

Recently, the research group of Prof. Wenchao Zhang, the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering of our university, has published a paper entitled "In-situ synthesis of an integrated CuN3/CL-20 explosive train film with excellent initiation ability" in the Chemical Engineering Journal (Top journal in the zone 1 of Chinese Academy of Sciences). The work was completed by Zhaoying Zhang, the first author of this paper, a 2017 undergraduate from the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering. Prof. Wenchao Zhang is the communication author, and our school is the first unit to complete the paper.

In-situ construction of energetics-on-a-chip by the microcharge technique has received much attention by researchers. In this study, a novel integrated CuN3/CL-20 explosive train film was fabricated in-situ on a Cu substrate. The porous CuN3 film, synthesized by facile electrochemical azidation of porous Cu, served as an integrated skeleton of the spin-coating and recrystallization of CL-20. In this architecture, the introduction of CL-20 endowed the explosive train film with a greater charge density and an enhanced energy output than a single CuN3 film. In particular, its exothermic capacity could be controlled by adjusting the loading amount of CL-20. Additionally, the CuN3 film and embedded CL-20 jointly ensured violent explosive behavior upon laser stimulation. Given these advantages, this CuN3/CL-20 explosive train film exhibits great potential for application infunctional energetic chips.This research was supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China.

In recent years, Prof. Wenchao Zhang's group has done in-depth research in the fields of nanoenergetic materials, MEMS ignition devices and generation and application of plasma, and achieved many outstanding results. In the past five years, Prof. Zhang's group has published 28 SCI papers in Nano Energy, Chemical Engineering Journal, ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering, Applied Surface Science, Materials & Design and other journals, including 13 Top papers.

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