Undergraduate program

School of Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Vehicle Engineering

Industrial Engineering

Weapon System and Engineering

Ammunition Engineering and Explosion Techniques

Aircraft Design and Engineering

Measurement Control Technology and Instruments

School of Environmental and Biological Engineering

Environmental Engineering


Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety

School of Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering and Technology

Polymer Materials and Engineering

Materials Chemistry

Pharmaceutical Engineering

Applied Chemistry

Safety Engineering

Special Energy Technology and Engineering

School of Electronic and Optical Engineering

Electronic Information Engineering

Telecommunication Engineering

Electronic Science and Technology

Optoelectronic Information Science and Engineering

Detection, Guidance and Control Technology

School of Computer Science and Engineering

Computer Science and Technology

Software Engineering

Network Engineering

Intelligent Science and Technology

School of Economics and Management

International Economics and Trade


Business Administration


Human Resource Management

Information Management and Information Systems

School of Energy and Power Engineering

Building Environment and Energy Engineering

New Energy Science and Engineering

Energy and Power Engineering

Weapon Launch Engineering

School of Design Art and Media

Visual Communication Design

Environmental Design

Industrial Design

Sino-UK Joint Education Program of Industrial Design

Broadcasting and Telecommunications

School of Automation


Rail Transit Signal and Control

Electrical Engineering and Automation

Information Engineering for Smart Grid

School of Science

Mathematics and Applied Mathematics

Information and Computational Science

Applied Statics

Applied Physics

Opto-Electronic Information Science and Engineering

Engineering Mechanics

Civil Engineering

Elite Education Class of Science

School of Foreign Studies

English Language and Literature

Japanese Language and Literature

School of Public Affairs

Social Work

Public Affairs Management

School of Materials Science and Engineering/Herbert Gleiter Institute of Nanoscience

Materials Science and Engineering

Material Physics

Nano Materials and Technology

Material Processing and Control Engineering