What steps must we take to move NJUST into the company of the most distinguished universities in the world? First and foremost come from our students. We should and will continue to seek out students of increasingly high academic abilities. We fulfill our mission of transforming knowledge into practice through technological leadership and by fueling economic growth. All the research achievement will eventually benefit our students. Our bright and motivated students stimulate the entire academic enterprise.

The structure of higher education is in transition. It will of necessity change in order to respond to the rationalization of the marketplace, which has been brought about by the revolution in information technology and the integration of the global economy. New forms of individual freedom and opportunity will emerge. Institutions of higher education must find their place in the new economic order.

Today, we are in the midst of a yet another revolution, brought about by the convergence of the information society and the digital economy, which is changing the ways we do our work, teach our students, conduct research, and relate to each other.

The immense change we have witnessed in the ability to travel and to communicate with every quarter of the world over the Internet has given new wings to the mobility of intellectual capital. The best information, the brightest faculty, and most effective course work can be accessed from anywhere on the planet. Therefore, the quality standard that is set is not what may be best in the state, region, or even the nation, but what is best in the world. This is the challenge the new revolution poses to NJUST: to set standards commensurate with standards of global excellence.


                                                                                             Prof. Fu Mengyin, President