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Who we are?

  • National key university established in 1953 and affiliated to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology

  • Comprehensive university with focus on engineering.

  • Located in Nanjing with great geographical advantage.

What do we offer

We provide non-degree programs for overseas students.

Non-degree programs include:

  • Visiting Student Program;

  • Summer School Program;

  • Joint Course Program;

  • Chinese Language Training Program.


There are 15 schools.


School of Mechanical Engineering

School of Chemical Engineering

School of Electronic & Optoelectronic Engineering

School of Computer Science & Technology

School of Energy & Power Engineering

School of Automation

School of Materials Science & Technology

School of Environmental & Biological Engineering


School of Science

Economics & Management

School of Economics & Management

Humanities and Social Science

School of Design Art & Media

School of Intellectual Property

School of Public Affairs

School of Foreign Studies

School of Marxism Studies

Non-degree programs

Visiting Student Programs


This program is designed to offer international students one-semester or one-year study. It is a great opportunity for international students to study their chosen fields in an international atmosphere.


1.Be currently registered in a degree program at another institution outside mainland China;

2.Have completed a minimum of one year undergraduate study in good academic standing.


Send the application form, transcript, scanned copy of passport and CV, to Office of International Affairs. Contact email is: 

Application deadline: November 30 for spring semester, May 30 for fall semester.

Please inquire us to confirm if required courses are available before apply.


Accommodation fees: RMB 800 per month;

Tuition fees: could be waived depending on mutual agreement between cooperative partners.

Summer School Program


Summer School Program is an unique 1-3 week study abroad package with abundant opportunities for cultural immersion. The high light of the summer school is the integration of Chinese language, Chinese traditional cultural practice, student’s interaction, and a dozen of local trips to explore the natural and historical heritages.


Be currently registered in a degree program at an overseas university.

Courses & Activities

• Chinese language course;

• Integrated Chinese cultural courses: Taiji Boxing, Chinese Calligraphy, Chinese Paper Cutting, Chinese History and Society, etc.;

City explorations and tours in Nanjing and adjacent areas.


RMB1500-6000 all inclusive, depending on different programs.

Joint Course Program


In Joint Course Program, NJUST students and overseas partnership university students will participate in academic studies in one class. The faculty members from both universities will deliver courses to the students jointly. Culture courses are also arranged in this program.  


Candidates shall be nominated by partner universities.

Courses & Activities

• One or two academic courses;

• Chinese language course;

• Integrated Chinese cultural courses: Taiji Boxing, Chinese Calligraphy, Chinese Paper Cutting, Chinese History and Society, etc.;

• City explorations and tours in Nanjing and adjacent areas.


Tuition fees are waived or largely reduced in a spirit of reciprocity between NJUST and a partnership university. Accommodation on campus is provided at a preferential rate.



Chinese Language Training Program


Chinese Language Training Program offers international students intensive language courses so that language skills will be improved in a short period. The course is designed for students who are at beginners, intermediate, or advanced levels.


Be interested in Chinese language and culture.


• Listening and Speaking;

• Writing;

• Integrated course.


RMB 8500 for one semester.



Contact Information

Non-degree Programs

Chinese language training programs:


School of International Education


Other non-degree programs:


Office of International Affairs

Tel: 86 25 84315429