NJUST's “Armament Science and Technology” Ranked A+


    On December 28th, the China Academic Degrees and Graduate Education Development Centre (CDGDC) of the Ministry of Education announced the results of the 4th China University Subject Rankings. The disciplines of NJUST performed well in this round of evaluation. The discipline “Armament Science and Technology” ranks A+, which is among the list of “Double First-Class” construction disciplines. Compared with the 3rd round of subject evaluation, the number of top 20% national disciplines in our school have increased from 3 to 6.

    30 disciplines of NJUST participated in this round of evaluation. The number of disciplines involved in was more than twice that of the third round (14 disciplines in the 3rd round of evaluation), and the first-level subjects participation rate was 76.9%.

    In this round of evaluation, NJUST has got 1 A+ discipline, 1 A- discipline, 4 B+ disciplines, 7 B- disciplines, and totally 13 disciplines ranked in the top 30% of the country (6 in the third round).


    The 4th CUSR was launched in April 2016 under the principle of “voluntary and free participation”, and there were 7449 subjects from 513 universities and colleges applied. 94% of the disciplines that have the right to confer doctoral degrees in universities and colleges from the whole country applied for the evaluation. CUSR aims to assist the participating universities and institutions to be acquaintance of the merits and demerits of their subject constructions, and provides relevant information for national graduate education. It also serves as a reference for students’ determination of their majors in future schools, and a platform for the public to learn about the achievements and conditions of the subject construction of higher education in China.