Grishniaev Igor from Russian Academy of Military Sciences visited NJUST for Academic Exchange

August 28th, 2108


    On August 27th, Grishniaev Igor from the Russian Academy of Military Science made an academic report in the Science and Technology Hall of NJUST.


    Nearly 200 people from the relevant deparments of the Jiangsu Association for Science and Technology and teachers and students of NJUST attended the conference.


    In his lecture, Grishniaev Igor made a special report on the transforming to civil application of Russia’s military frontier technologies. He introduced general situation of military technology, the application of technology of military transformation and cooperation with China. He put emphasis on the new work areas he had developed in recent years.


After the report, Grishniaev Igor also discussed with the teachers from the School of Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Electronic and Optical, Materials Science and Engineering.


Attachment: Introduction to Grishniaev Igor

Grishniaev Igor, an academician of the Russian Academy of Military Sciences, Chief Researcher of the Russian National Academy of Sciences, a consultant to the FSI, the designer of Almaz-Antei, member of the National Innovation and Development. He also holds a concurrent post in government agencies such as the Russian Federation.