The Engineering Discipline of NJUST Ranked Top 1‰ of the ESI


According to the statistics released by Clarivate Analytics on November 16, 2018, the engineering discipline of our university ranked top 1‰ of the ESI. For engineering discipline, 1,396 scientific research institutions in the world have entered top 1% of ESI this time, and our school ranks the 137th.

        ESI (Essential Science Indicators) is a database of measurement and analysis based on over 11,000 global academic journals and more than 10 million document records collected by SCI/E and SSCI. It selects and analyzes the high-level academic papers published by worldwide scientific research institutions in the past 10 and a half years.         Nowadays, the ESI is internationally acknowledged as the third-party evaluation tools for measuring scientific research performance and disciplinary influence.

        As one of the important statistical analysis indicators, the ESI discipline announces the top 1% institutions rankings in each discipline on a regular basis, referring to the total citation frequency of research paper worldwide. It divides all research directions into 22 fields and is, currently, regarded the hallmark of evaluating university academic performance and its worldwide influence in the field of higher education.